Care Guide

Upon Arrival

We recommend you take the linen out of its shipping packaging as soon as it arrives. Although we do our very best to deliver our products to you in the best shape possible, we use natural materials and as such some creasing and wrinkling of fibres may happen along the way. We recommend you hang your linen immediately and over the course of a week or so most wrinkles should relax. Ironing or steaming on a low heat are also options.


For regular care of our products we recommend going over curtains, blinds, cushions and even lampshades with an attachment on your vacuum cleaner. A gentle vacuum of the fabric should take care of most household dust. For spot cleaning on any of our fabrics we recommend blotting away any liquids or stains and following up with cold water. If detergent is required, use a simple detergent without optical brighteners. Cushion covers should be hand washed in cold water, again with basic detergent that does not include optical brighteners. Slight fading will result after repeated washing. Do not wash with hot water, boil wash, bleach or soak with stain removers. For deeper cleaning of curtains we strongly advise dry cleaning over machine washing, especially for curtains with any sort of lining. Some shrinking may result from washing or dry cleaning curtains, so we advise this is only done every few years and only if necessary.

Over Time

We do our very best to select fabrics and dyes that stand the test of time, that being said we also use natural materials so some colour fading over time is to be expected. The colour-fastness of each material varies to some extent, but keeping items out of direct sunlight is your best defence against fading. For curtains, lining and interlining can make a significant difference in fading, so we recommend lining any curtains. Natural fabrics can stretch a bit over time, but stretching is minimal. Keep out of excessive heat and moisture.